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In spring of last school year, my energy club conducted a brief survey of our teachers to determine their energy use habits. We conducted the surveys face-to-face. Out of 60 classrooms we managed to actually contact 45 teachers. We had two goals behind our survey. One was to see if the survey would perhaps change teacher energy use behavior. When a student asks an individuals who are in a role model position (teacher) if they turn the lights out in their classrooms when they leave at night, the teachers know that if they are not, they should be. Perhaps their role model conscience will make offenders change their ways. The other goal was to see if the results of the survey will provide us with ideas for changes we can put into place at our school.


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我进入天主教Jserra在San Juan Capistrano的加州高中毕业那年,并曾参加满一年JSerra。 我来自中国贵阳完成我的高中。 我也运行在我校的能源俱乐部。


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    通过谷歌找到yuor网络博客。 你已经知道我会订阅你的饲料。

  2. Ariela大砂 说:

    这是一个伟大的想法,王家瑞! 我期待着听到的结果!

  3. 安妮特拉 说:

    终于到了! Somenoe明白的! 投寄的感谢!


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