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This is the second year for our energy club at Aliso Niguel High School. I am happy to say that for our energy club, the club rush was a success. The competition for club members is fierce …. only so many people wanting to get involved in clubs, and a lot of clubs to choose from. nonetheless, we had twenty new members sign up. This year, it seems the new members are much more interested in what we are doing, and asking excellent questions. I believe our involvement with the IEA and the interesting things we did at the school last year helped raise awareness of our club and the merits of being involved.

Thank you to our physics teacher, Mr. Mosier, for being our adviser. We look forward to working with him again and his great support. Helping with our energy club planning and recruitment efforts were IEA members and ANHS energy club officers Josh Himley, Daria Nahidipour. Thank you to ANHS ASB for their efforts and allowing our club to continue for another year. They put a lot of work into organizing all the clubs. We also welcome our new principal, Mr. Chris Carter.


你有过的环境或能源俱乐部繁忙的经验,你想与大家分享吗? 你使用的招聘策略,尤其是成功的呢? 请在“共享离开的答复“一节。

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我在我通过哈弗福德学院和宾夕法尼亚大学联合推出一项为期五年的组合BS物理/数学和MS系统的工程计划的第二年。 帮助我的社区是一个很大的乐趣,并表示了很大的给我。 通过IEA和其他努力,我是来学习的时候有一个明显的积极的愿景,动机和动力多少电力多可以有。 “有没有更悲哀的视线比一个年轻的悲观主义者。” - 马克·吐温


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