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我认为可持续发展是重要的,因为我认为科学是关于全球变暖的。 地球是我们的家。 它视为一个厕所藐视一切常识。 我们需要把我们的家,亲切和尊重来维持生命,可持续发展是一个伟大的方式来这样做。


Well, we have mainly Energy Star Appliances that conserve as much energy as possible. We now have a digital Edison meter, which allows us to track our energy usage and monitor how much energy we are using. This has helped us see which changes really are making a difference, and which ones are not. We try to select only Green products, if they are affordable. Our products need to be affordable, as well as Green, in order to save our customers money as well. CityPerk has a hot water recirculation system, allowing us to save water because we don’t need to wait for the water to warm up or even open the tap to get hot water. We have replaced our air conditioning with a higher seer model than the standard, which was a good investment because it is more efficient. The most important change that we have made, I think, is living in a live-work community. It reduces the carbon footprint a great amount because we don’t have to drive to work. Most of our staff either walks to work or lives close by, reducing the amount of gas used to get to and from work.


I’m a big believer in financial incentives bringing more people into the sustainable world. If it doesn’t benefit people financially in some way, people often can’t afford to make the effort to go Green. The changes we have made have saved our company a lot of money in energy and water bills. We are able to track our energy usage with our new meter, which allows us to make sure we don’t use too much energy, which really does save us a lot of money. Also, we have received a lot of good publicity for our sustainability efforts. We have won an award and have gotten exposure in the Aliso Viejo Patch, as well as the O.C. Register. It’s nice to receive recognition for our efforts. Right now we are working with the city of Aliso Viejo in its Green Initiative. We are known as the sustainable small business in southern Orange County.


现在,我们很想下车电网。 有一定的限制和规定,我们可以什么和不能做什么,因为我们在现场工作的社会。 获取电力电网,将使我们有机会扩大我们的视野,为可持续性。 例如,我们将能够投资和我们的建筑上安装太阳能电池板。 我们寻找到​​的法规,看看我们还有什么可以做,但我们需要从社会和城市更好的承诺,使投资。

Within the city and from the community, we would love to see a more recycling-friendly community. We have tons of trash cans on the streets, but we definitely don’t have enough recycle or compost bins. In San Francisco, they have separate cans for different trash items and recycle items, and it has become part of the culture, and a good habit that people have developed, to separate their waste. It would be nice to see that in our community. I think people need to take that extra step to work with CR&R [Waste Services] to make this happen.


Well the main thing, as I said, is going off-grid. If we were detached, rather than in an attached building situation, we could do geothermal air conditioning, have a grey water system, go off-grid, and do a lot of other things. However, we are looking into the regulations and we hope we can make some more changes in terms of sustainability. We are always looking for new ways to save and conserve energy.


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