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专业社区管理 公司 PCM,是第三大物业管理公司在美国,并与 首席执行官唐尼Disbro at the helm, the changes this company has made over the past decade to its own offices pale in comparison to the sensible energy saving changes it believes it can help make in the communities and properties it manages.
在我先生Disbro的采访,我不能帮助,但变得激动,他兴致勃勃地与我分享他的远见。 他确实有优势,开始在保护环境,十几年前他的兴趣和经验,而事实上,他的公司超过三百年房主联营公司管理的房屋单位超过127,000合并组合,意味着它实际上是对他完全有可能通过与他的远见。
Thank you for making the time to see me, and I am so glad you have decided to share your ideas in our IEA business spotlight. I am certain from what I already know about you and your company that your knowledge can help educate and influence others to use good sustainability practices, especially when it comes to energy.
In general, it’s the right thing to do, that’s for sure. On top of that, right now at this time, in so many areas it’s starting to make sense from a financial standpoint. Part of our responsibility as a property management company is to keep absolutely up to date on any changes that could be beneficial to our clients and then bring these beneficial changes to the communities we manage. With good sustainability practices we can help the communities we manage save money while at the same time help our planet. It’s great that we have reached this point at which sustainability practices are becoming more sensible and mainstream.
Years ago, if we mentioned sustainability, there wasn’t much interest since the decision makers within the communities we manage couldn’t justify the additional cost that sustainability practices always came with. Even just two years ago, bringing up sustainability ideas provoked a lot of debate. But today, it’s all changing. The communities we manage are now anxious to do what they can to implement sustainability practices and we are happy to show them how to save money.
From April 2003 going forward we began to scan all paper documents. Old documents were boxed up and sent off to a storage facility. The amount of paper we were going through before was insane. Now everyone can pull the documents up on an iPad. To give you an idea of how much paper we were going through, after we went paperless we were able to sell eighty file cabinets and reclaim thirteen work surface areas. Because we had to produce so many duplicates of each document, if you want to imagine how much paper we were responsible for going through, multiply the amount of paper we sent to storage by ten.
这不只是关于节约用纸。 纸间接消耗大量的燃料和能源。 树木被砍伐,原木拖拉和处理,生产纸,纸张然后运往全国各地,并最终受到消费者的挑选,他们大多开车到商店挑选纸张。 它需要能量来生产纸张和能源运送。
在除了约我们有130,000的客户,节省了我们的文件无纸化纸,约2,500选择电子报表,并已签署有关15,000自动转帐。 现在,它需要少了很多的劳动管理业务的酬金。 它需要较少的能源,因为报表没有被传递到家庭。 我们的通讯,我们生产的客户,在我们的管理社区,也可在网上。
我们要做的第一件事,我们管理的社区和设施之一,是在我们的朋友,如顾问带来 生态步幅 who then arrange for experts to come in and perform sustainability audits. We might be looking at ways to reduce energy use, reduce water use, or reduce paper waste. We also look at potential renewable energy sources, alternatives to water use, and alternatives to paper use.
一旦审计结束后,我们分析审计数据,寻找改善做法和省钱的方法。 有时我们可以改变很大,但很多次,他们是更小的变化,这些小的变化时迅速增加这么多的人民和社区,使这些小的变化。
新客户通常是尽快开始这个过程很感兴趣。 我们也正在这一进程,以帮助我们现有的长期客户。
Typically one hundred percent return on investment for pool thermal or any solar panels is 2.5 years. It will reduce or eliminate the heaters in southern California and extend the pool season by three to four months for pools that are only heated in summer. Pool solar is not that cost effective in the off season unless of course it’s hot outside during winter months. During those months the pool would be heated using both solar energy and natural gas.
Yes, and there are actually two things. First, recently we had a clubhouse in one of our communities LEED certified. It was in the Village Greens at Laguna Woods Village in Laguna Woods. It is our very first LEED certified building.
Second, we have been invited to China to meet with prospective clients. I remember visiting there when I was pursuing my MBA. It was so beautiful there and different. Never at that time did I think that my company might be doing business in China.
We have been out to the city of Tianjin which is east of Beijing. There is a need for “Senior Housing” in China. This is because it is now forty-five years after the single child act, and now there are many wealthy seniors who don’t have anyone to take care of them. There is great interested in developing senior communities with care facilities and medical services close by. I feel that we are up to the task since we in fact are a national leader, ranked the third largest manager of senior housing by the National Association of Senior Housing.
请记住,我们只管理社区和业主的共同领域。 然而,我们的影响并最终进入家庭以及延长。 当一个社区建立或扩大其可持续发展的做法是开放的,这是因为业主要,因为最终他们是那些投我们做什么。 我们也试图影响个人家庭内的良好做法,包括可持续发展的信息在我们的社会通讯房主。

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