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JSerra天主教高中 已同意帮助主办的第二届国际环境论坛。 事实上,作为论坛的日期迅速接近(6月15,2012),国际能源联盟筹款委员会收到许多最后一刻赞助商的资金,这对环境的重要论坛,特别是能源。

JSerra Catholic High School, simply known as JSerra by its students, has been open for instruction for nine years and has a student population of about eleven hundred students. Located in beautiful Southern California, only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, this school is gaining notoriety for its strong academics with students gaining entrance into highly ranked Universities. In fact, JSerra has been named to the Catholic High School Honor Roll’s Top fifty list for three consecutive years.

But one of the most impressive attributes JSerra has to offer is its strong sports program. Its world-class 体育情结 is among the best in the nation and reflects its strong commitment to high school athletics. At a cost of forty million dollars, the complex is situated on twenty-nine acres of land and includes: a two thousand seat gymnasium; an Olympic-class aquatics center; a fully-equipped state-of-the-art training center; Varsity and Junior Varsity softball fields, Varsity and Junior Varsity baseball fields, five soccer fields, and football and lacrosse fields (all utilizing artificial turf 最大的安全性和可玩性),6个网球场(包括一个体育场法院);一种人工合成的运行轨迹;男孩和女孩的教练设施;和两个沙滩排球法院。 足够的说!

JSerra也有计划专门为国际学生。 与50个国际学生人口,国际/国内的人口是仔细平衡,使JSerra国内的学生通过学习其他文化的人的利益,和国际学生,绝对体验美国教育说, 理查德·胡,学校的国际部主任。

The IEA is very grateful for JSerra’s commitment to the environment as is demonstrated by this sponsorship. It should also be noted that JSerra has an energy club on campus that is an official member of the IEA.

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