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Man-made carbon gas emissions are a significant cause in climate change. Perhaps at one time a debate, this fact has become common knowledge. Climate change is occurring around us and we read about or experience the damage it is causing firsthand. The world is experiencing longer and hotter summers, shorter and warmer winters, dry regions that are drier, wet regions that are wetter, heat waves that are more frequent and more severe, and violent storms that are also more common and more severe. Climate change has caused floods, rising water levels along ocean coastlines, damage to crops and other food sources, an increase in wildfires, diminishing forests, and decreasing wildlife populations, including populations of endangered species. All a result of global warming about one degree Celsius. What will the world experience from a two or more degree warming that we will certainly see in the next decade?

其中, does the man-made carbon gas come from, 怎么样 much is being produced, and 什么 are the past and expected future trends?

根据 在全球合作的发展趋势2 Emissions 2013 Report by PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, and similar information mirrored by the 美国能源信息署二氧化碳的增加,在2012全球利率2 gas was 1.1%, which was less than half of the average rate increase of 2.9% seen for each of the last ten years, and this decrease occurred even though there was a 3.5% growth in the global economy. However, even with this global decrease in the rate of CO2 production, global CO2 production is 增加 and the world experienced a record 34.5 billion metric tons of man-made CO2 gas in 2012, and so herein lies the great problem the world faces.

Listed below are the specifics on the 哪里, 怎么样什么 in the original question above in regards to the five highest CO2 producing countries in 2012:

CO2-GRAPH-REV-C事实是,中国生产约两倍有限公司2 as the United States, which is next biggest producer. China’s rate of CO2 gas production is not only increasing but it is increasing exponentially. This means that no matter how much the rest of the world decreases CO2 production, the CO2 production of China could eclipse the combined CO2 reduction efforts of all other counties combined.


所有研究结果就在相同的方向这个问题上点; 最终的解决方案是中国减少CO。2 gas production. Analysis shows that if China steadily reverses its exponential increase so that the increase levels out to zero by the year 2025, we just might be able to stop climate change before the damage becomes irreversible.


原因是纷繁复杂,与一些同其他县面对,还有一些中国特有的。 出现在经济学家最近的文章,滚石杂志,纽约时报,以及其他承认中国的显著运动,竭诚为可再生能源和核能。 这些文章中的信息是,中国知道它要创建这个问题,它知道它必须是解决方案的一部分。 在世界其他地区可能不喜欢的事实,即使在今天,中国的房价碳气产量在不断增加,但它确实明白其中的原因,它似乎同情,并同时承认中国的努力,可再生能源,以降低二氧化碳2 生产。


有美国和中国之间有很强的信任问题。 所以,举例来说,如果奥巴马总统的领导下,美国不显著增加自身的努力,以减少二氧化碳2 production, it is not likely that the U.S. will influence any kind of change in China. China has many other significant environmental problems as well as serious problems in other national matters such as poverty. In addition, China has a political system that tends to interfere with the energy market resulting in delayed reduction of China’s Co2 生产。


中国人民深知中国的污染问题,因为他们可以每天看到他们的窗户外面。 人口是非​​常关注的影响将污染对健康和寿命。 虽然这是令人难以置信的不幸,中国的公民都面临着这样的危险,一个积极的结果是,中国国家主席习近平,肯定可以收到了大量的投诉和压力,中国人民解决中国的环境问题。

中国向西方开放的1973,并已完成了多个在这短短的时间比任何人所能想象已经成为一个经济超级大国。 中国有美国的四倍的人口,因此它也具有卓越的头脑的数量的四倍。 毫无疑问,中国人勤劳,明亮而干练。

On a personal level, I learned about the Chinese culture from a distance while I studied the Mandarin Chinese language throughout most of my earlier life. Later, while attending Georgetown as a mathematics/economics major I learned about Chinese economics, once again from a distance. It was not until my travels to China during which I was able to see, feel, smell, and taste the real China that I gained a true sense of China’s potential. From these collective experiences, I can tell you that you can read about the rapid development in China, and hear about it the news, but there is no way to truly understand every aspect of China’s growth until you are able to experience it for yourself. From the changes that I have personally witnessed, I can say that when China makes up its mind to do something, it can get a remarkable amount done and in record time. So if China can be persuaded that it can benefit in all of the right ways to reduce its CO2 production soon enough, all of the evidence suggests China can accomplish it before 2025.



国际能源联盟承认世界上严重的全球二氧化碳2 problem and is anxious to begin focusing efforts on this problem. In addition, the IEA hopes to contribute to reversing this problem through the sharing of information and increasing global awareness. To accomplish this, we will dedicate a large portion of our website and our activities to the reduction of CO2 gas. We invite experts to contribute information through our website, and we plan to organize conferences for discussion, sharing of ideas and raising awareness. We believe the solution will require input from American experts on Chinese culture, politics and energy; Chinese experts on American culture, politics and energy; and, experts from other countries who might see neutral and fair paths more easily than either the United States or China, and who therefore might also be instrumental in negotiations. It is clear that there is no single solution to our problem, and that numerous small advances and changes will collectively solve our problems.

在我们的核心国际能源署声明,我们说清楚,我们保持政治中立,我们鼓励所有的观点进行讨论。 虽然IEA认为在可再生能源和可持续能源时,它是有道理的,从经济的角度来看,当它不破坏环境的其他显著方面,我们也认识到,世界上有一种日益增长的对能源的需求,这可能需要使用的妥协成本更低,更不环保的解决方案。


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